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One of the secrets to physical and mental well-being is caring for the 100 trillion microbes that live in our gut – also known as our gut microbiome.

We’re making the job easier for you by sharing which foods, probiotics and lifestyle insights that are proven to make a difference.

We’ve read the research, so you don’t have to, and we share the science behind it here on Guts & Glory Health.

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Berit, Tonje & Sophie

Having both had inflammatory skin conditions most of our adult lives, and finding ourselves with plenty of spare time in March 2020, we started building on our general knowledge about the effect of diet on our skin. At the same time, we found ourselves having to research treatments for anxiety and mental well-being, and one topic kept coming up – our microbiome.

Turns out, our microbiome – the trillions of microbes living inside our gut and on our skin – is at the core of almost every aspect of our physical and mental health. It’s fair to say we’ve been fascinated to the point of obsession with our ‘discovery’!

I love working with Guts & Glory Health because I’ve experienced myself the benefits of improving my gut health and learning how to nourish the microbes in our gut!

I believe health shouldn’t be complicated – but it should be evidence-based.


We’ve read hundreds of research papers and articles, and collated the evidence for what really works, so you don’t have to!

Having put our knowledge into practice and learnt lessons about what works, we’re super happy you’re here to share.

The Guts & Glory Health Team

The Guts & Glory Health content has been developed and designed by us – that is Berit, Tonje and Sophie:

Berit Sund, MSc

Medical microbiologist

I’m a Medical Microbiologist ‘by trade’, and have worked in healthcare education my entire career.

I was fascinated to learn about our microbiome – the 100 trillion microbes that live on our body, mainly in our gut and on our skin … We now know that our diet and lifestyle will change not only the microbes but how they communicate with our brain and the rest of our body. Mind-boggling!

Tonje Sund

nutrition & food enthusiast

As a busy mum of 3 to Sophie, Michael, and our Labrador Lumos, I’ve always been interested in food. I believe in 80/20: eating healthy with just the right amount of cake thrown in.

Having ‘discovered’ how what we eat affects the 100 trillion microbes in our gut, in turn changing how we feel, I’m more keen than ever to make food that tastes and does good. My motto: good food, good mood!

Sophie S. Armitage

Video producer

I love creating the bite-size gut health videos for Guts & Glory Health.

There’s new information almost daily showing how our gut really affects almost every aspect of our health.

I’m working towards my medical studies, and so being able to create and share important healthcare information is close to my heart.