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  • Salmon ceviche salad

    Salmon ceviche salad

    Salmon contains healthy Omega 3 oils and anti-inflammatory properties. This salmon ceviche is delicious as well and is super easy to make. Inflammation is linked to several diseases such as Diabetes 2 and heart disease, so eating fatty fish such as salmon is a great part of a gut healthy diet. INGREDIENTS 130 gram good…

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  • Salmon 3 ways

    Salmon 3 ways

    Salmon is a popular ‘superfood’ and for good reason. Some of its many benefits include being: In short, salmon is good for heart and gut health! Three easy salmon recipes Here are 3 easy, tasty ideas for getting more of this gut healthy superfood. 1) Salmon fillets, lightly pan-seared and served with: 2) Salad with…

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