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Free microbiome food guide

Free guide: foods that are good for gut microbiome health

Download your gut healthy, free microbiome food guide today:

Some foods are especially good for gut microbiome health – and therefore mental and physical well-being. In this free guide we are sharing simple, tasty tips on what to buy and how to eat it – to improve your gut microbiome. So download today!

Scientists now know that the community of microorganisms  called the gut microbiome  plays a central role in our physical and mental health. In fact, what we eat has major effect on the microbes themselves and how they communicate with our brain, in turn influencing how we think and feel.

Unhealthy gut microbiome linked to several diseases

Inflammation can be a natural and healthy response in your body, but when inflammation becomes chronic we can be in real trouble. Today we know that inflammation is linked to several diseases such as diabetes 2, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, skin & mental health issues to name a few. Consequently, managing inflammation is key to prevent and treat various diseases.

The good news is that doctors are learning that you can look to your fridge and not just the medicine cabinet for the solution. Think Mediterranean style diet, more vegetables and fruits, whole grains and fiber, herbs and spices, and fatty fish such as salmon.

Limit ultra-processed foods for better gut health

Yes, ultra-processed food is in fact your enemy when it comes to gut health – and overall health. There is no sugar-coating that one. But in today’s world it can be hard to avoid, so the best advice is to limit it as much as you can.

A varied diet with lots of fiber and vegetables and healthy fats will go a long way. And if you try to pick as much as you can from the list in our free free microbiome food guide, you are likely to enjoy rewards such as more energy, better mood and even better sleep!

Download your Free microbiome food guide HERE

“The gut produces much of the body’s serotonin, which affects mood and sleep. Functions of the gut, and its activity, interact with our sleep/eating rhythms and emotions.”

Mascha Davis, registered dietitian nutritionist and author of Eat Your Vitamins.

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